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Sir Frank Dody, the Poet

Sir Frank Dody, the Poet is an American author that embodies the true meaning of Poetry in every letter of the word, especially as it pertains to Aristotle’s tripartite division of poetry. According to Aristotle, poetry is divided into three all-encompassing classifications: lyric, epic, and dramatic. Some scholars have even gone as far as to scaffold this notion by declaring these three categories the "Holy Trinity" of Poetry. With that tripartite division as a gauge, Sir Frank Dody, the Poet combines the Shakespearian Drama with the lyrical sagacity and situational awareness of Wordsworth while employing truth in such a way that each story preserves its Sphokles-like authenticity even still as the concepts that he presents redefine the Homeric Epic as a means to essentially use ancient brushes to turn modern canvases into timeless masterpieces.

Sir Frank Dody, the Poet  

The greatest poet that has, or

will have ever lived; the One /G\uard of course. "Check your watch, you already know what time it is with me."

- One/G\

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